Business idea

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To distribute business possibilities
for our customers within the Internet

Our goals

  • We aspire to build up longterm relationships with our clients.

  • We satisfy our customers needs within the entire Internet area such as, connections, security, web-pages, education and consult services, in order to find the greatest solution for the customer.

  • We have established longterm relationchips with the best suppliers within the Internet area.

  • Good profitability gives an confident collaborationpartner, now and in the future.

  • We aspire to become the best Internet supplier within the geographic neighbourhood.


Methods to reach our goals

  • We work with total solutions for customers within the Internet, and integrate this in our company's normal activation. Internet is a usefull tool that shall facilitate business activation.


What we do today

  • We provide company needs within the Internet

  • Webdesigning

  • Web hotells

  • Consulting within Internet

  • Education

Our office at Norrbygatan 22


What we will do tomorrow

  • Efficiency improvments and increased capacity for companies with Internet as a tool

  • Tradesites

  • Database solutions

  • Information exchange

  • Deploying off new applications for use as tools/medium

  • Suitable educations for companies within Internet



  • Established in 1987.

  • Consultcompany in guiding and regulate technology against the processing industry.

  • Since 5 years back consult services in measure technology/instrumentation and purchase support of computersystems.

  • Since winter 95/96; active within Internet.



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