Borensberg, Stockholm or New Zeeland it doesn't make any difference.

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You will be seen everywhere with a homepage at Secedo!

Easy Quicker Cheaper Fun

It couldn't be more easy.

Through Internet you can reach the entire world, to give and to get information. The simplicity to be able to find the information you need, that's what's so great about Internet. After some preparations and a few button pushes in Östergötland, your company will be seen in the world. You will be able to present your resourses, your products, your servicies, your co-workers and your self. Tell what you can do or what you seek of others.

Definitely not quicker.

The advantage with associations through Internet is that your costumer can reach you whenever they want. It does not matter if they are in Borensberg, Stockholm or New Zeeland, they will be able to see your presentation immediately. Each week you can follow how many has been there and from were. Each day you can look in your electronic postbox. And you can answer questions immediatelly. By your self or with our help. Your first contact can be your best contact.

And not that much cheaper .

Do it your self or don't do it your self. What you save in one end can, may be lost in the other. You won't be as productive in your main operation if you spend to much time on Internet. We'll do it for you. We'll help you present information about your business. It is simply our businessidea.

Possibly more fun.

There is no doubt that anyone who begins to look at the possibilities on the Internet easy gets cought. It is so much fun. And we can't deny the charm by having your own homepage, look how many has been there since the last time, examine your e-mail and see how many new places there is that you didn't knew existed in the world! Therefor we at Secedo have put up solutions which will make you and your fellow workers involved in different ways. We can take the total responsibility for everything "electronic" and you handle your business as usuall. Or you can take care of your connection, domain and use us as advisers and instructors. In between we have variations wich gives satisfaction to different needs. We do all this just to make sure that you wont miss all the fun!



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